Saturday, January 12, 2008

Notice Board

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 Neo & Geo Circle Lens Promotion:
» Order of 2 or more, Best price will be given.
» Free lens cases for every single purchase
» Return customer are entitled to privilege price^^

27/02/09 - Welcome Wholesale for GEO lenses * LOWEST PRICE

Geo Notice update: 
31/ 03 Dear Customers,
We are very pleased to announce the Anti-Fake System effective April 1, 2009.
You will receive our lenses together with the stickers which have 20 digit hidden code to check the authenticity. Please refer to the sticker design attached herewith.
You can visit the system for checking at
Please be advised that the stickers are not available for the lenses produced before April 1, 2009.

 24/ 03 New lenses added (CTS-101 & 102)

01/ 12- New price policy from GEO Company

Second, we announce the guideline for the floor price, recommended lowest retail price, in your market as below;
- 2-tone Color Lens(CH 62x, CM 72x, CM 83x, CTS): 20.00 USD per pair
In case you neglect this guideline intentionally, we wouldn't supply our products anymore.

New items added (CK-107, Jazz Brown, Geo Fresh, Geo Wing, Geo Twins)

Geo Magic 2 Tones, Nudy Golden Blue, Nudy green, Nudy Violet, Animation and Twins are available only with Plano (0.00)

21/ 10  Beware of China fake Geo lenses


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